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The Journey With No Path

This is where most will say, she is definitely a daddy's girl and I'll gladly agree. He often explored with no specific destination in mind and no directions, as he would say "let's just see", and so I do, go on journey's, just to see.

The thought of this may be anxiety provoking for some, and while a twinge exist on the few occasions that I have gotten "lost", it never deters me from the beauty of being open to new experiences.

I'm a walker and I rarely have a destination or specific path in mind. I go as far as my mind, body or time allows. I have no specific schedule, although I could stand to be more consistent...but I digress.

On a recent walk, with no cell phone, because I was trying to be all intentional and what not, the clouds started to increase, is that a sprinkle I feel. I'm out here, with no clue of exactly where I am and about to get rained on. Now, I could easily become overwhelmed, but the thought hit me, who says it's "bad" to walk in the rain, I mean it's water from the sky that may be exactly what I/we need. So I keep going, taking the "risk" and find myself in another subdivision that I didn't even know was connected. So, I am now at a point of needing to turn around and here comes the dilemma, how do I get back, should I turn around and walk the roughly 2-2.5 miles in the direction I came or keep going, just to see.

What do ya'll think I did?

Of course I kept going.

It was in that moment that several reflections surfaced, about what I expected, what was offered and what I was open to.

Prior to moving to the area, I had a check-list, as we often do. I wanted to be a certain distance from the freeway, a walkable area, facing North, because I love my east to west sun and a few other things. Well, my idea of walkable was it being in close proximity to stores, because I'm a "city girl", but not like the song. I'm accustomed to the hustle and bustle, but in this moment I realized that if I in fact got that, the walks would be filled with looking at cars and stores and people, instead of this quiet that I was surrounded by, that I needed.

Sometimes we are too distracted with external noise to allow ourselves these moments.

Consider taking a walk with no destination.

Consider leaving the phone at home.

Consider the journey with no path, may be exactly what you need in this season or certain aspects of your life.

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