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Sports Therapist & Speaker

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Athletes have a unique experience. The journey encompasses many facets, from showing up on the field, court or track, to balancing personal relationships, team dynamics, expectations from coaches and family, remaining mentally and physically present for each game and managing the constant evolution of self. The physical attributes of the a sport is often expected, but how many are prepared for the notoriety, the pressures, the moments that you might even lose interest in the "dream" that you and those around you have invested so much in. Finding a space that allows you to show up as your authentic self, to work through feelings of uncertainty, to learn how to identify and manage emotions and the pressures you experience, is essential. 

While therapy and life coaching may begin as an unfamiliar space, it has the potential to be an enriching experience for you.
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For some it may be your dream to be in this position, to do the thing that you are gifted with, to have a team you are connected to. For others, it may be a challenge to show up mentally and physically, to deal with the pressure of being the one who "made it", to feel uncertain, to face the constant competition, to experience frustration, to be injured. You've learned so much about how to show up on the field, but what about what it means to show up for yourself, to develop and set healthy boundaries, to be the athlete, father, partner, son/daughter, to work through grief, constant changes and still perform. That's just a snap shot of what we can explore in this space dedicated to athletes and mental health.

This road is not one for the faint at heart. It can be both beautiful and challenging. Learning how to navigate it in a way that is conducive to your individual well-being, as well as the health and sustainability of the relationship is essential. Being the partner of an athlete and being an athlete in a relationship can be accompanied by an array of challenges. From trust, to how do you articulate your needs or concerns in a way that allows for a productive discussion, to quality time, to decision making, parenting, infidelity, and even one or both parties feeling 'alone', whether at home or 'on the road'. Distance has it's place, and at times it may make the heart grow fonder, while other times it may seem to shred the fabric of the relationship. Let's work on navigating these areas and developing skills that have the potential to transform the trajectory of your relationship.

Athletes in relationships
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Keynote & Workshops
Conference and workshop speaker
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As a speaker, my intentions are to create a transformative environment that takes attendee's on a journey. I incorporate storytelling, demonstrations and audience engagement to introduce life changing content. The result has been an elevation of consciousness and exposure to practical knowledge and skills that focus on shifting from turmoil, uncertainty, pain, grief and challenges in interpersonal relationships to clarity, awareness of self, strategies for managing emotional and physical pain, and the potential for enhancements of family and social relationships.

Signature Topics:

  • Dismantling Mental Barriers

  • The Necessity of Cultivating Transparency: The Path To Creating A Culture of Trust & Enhancing Productivity

  • From Generational Secrets To Transparency: The Necessary Shift

  • Intentional Inclusion: The Path To Transformation


Life is a culmination of experiences, in which individuals are faced with the challenge of identifying the best course of action. While the field has it's significance, balance in life is essential. 

Grief shows up for many reasons. It is an inevitable part of the life cycle, often uninvited and individuals are often ill prepared. 

Betrayal shows up in many forms. It can have a devastating impact, but it also does not have to be the demise of a relationship. There is healing after betrayal.

Let's Talk

A degree of pain is inevitable when you spend years engaging in physical activity. When it becomes a chronic problem, it can contribute to a lot of emotions and even fear of movement.


Let's work together to discuss the intersection between physical and emotional pain with performance.


Crafted for the  Athlete, Coach or Referee, seeking guidance on how to navigate the complexities of life and sports. 

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Cultivating Transparency Card Deck

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​Perfect For: 

  • Road Trips

  • ​Virtual Dates

  • Date Night In

"Crafting Conversations for a genuine connection." ~ Z. Rayne

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